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Positioning in recent years has become a strong marketing weapon, especially since the Internet has become the first place where customers look for information about companies, products and brands.

Even the most advanced website will not bring many benefits if it has a poor audience. For each website you should choose the right promotion strategy choosing from the possibilities of traditional marketing (tv, newspapers, outdoor advertising, etc.), “traditional” marketing in the network (advertising banners, sponsored boxes, mailings) or whisper marketing (also based on internet forums).

However, in very many areas, customers make decisions based on the results of the most popular internet search engine – Google, where the order of displayed results influenced by positioning plays a key role.

Positioning on Google is about promoting the website so that after the desired phrase it is on the highest position.

Positioning is a process that combines several key issues

Analysis of Key Phrases and Advice in Choosing the Best Phrases for Positioning

The right keywords are the first step to the success of any website promotion strategy. Phrases selected for positioning must always be related to the subject of the website and the industry of the positioned company, however, open to their clients and lacking terminology understandable for a small group of experts in a given field.
In the process of agreeing key phrases, we use multi-year statistics, knowledge and experience, and we choose the choice based on relevant research results.

SEO website optimization

Each website can be positioned, however, by properly preparing the website, we can significantly affect the time and positioning result. Optimization is the analysis of the website in terms of usability (with the help of Google), while leaving all functionalities (from the point of view of the client).
Of course, the optimization phase must be preceded by the phase of key phrase analysis, because the website is optimized for specific phrases.


Our positioning methods will provide you with a stable, steady increase in position in Google search results. We make the first increases of the website after very popular phrases appear in Google TOP10 within 2-3 months and we can keep this result for longer. For our clients, we constantly position several hundred phrases, which are included in the TOP10 results of Google. As a result, the number of visits to their websites has increased many times, which constantly translates into brand recognition and the financial result of the business.

SEO valuation

We offer a free quotation of positioning, website optimization and additional services. Due to numerous inquiries about the website positioning service, we provide below a detailed form to streamline the entire valuation process. The exact answers to the questions asked in it will allow us to know your needs and the current situation of the service.

After receiving the application, we will contact you in the form of an e-mail or telephone.

Valuation form

Google Ads

Google is the largest and most popular Internet search engine. We distinguish two basic techniques of website promotion – positioning (ie impact on the right search results) and Google Ads – ad slots appearing before the results of the search engine or on the right. Google Ads boxes and links appear always in the context of the phrase entered by the customer and often also in the context of the location in which it is located.

Contrary to appearances, activities related to positioning and Google Adsy may or should be carried out simultaneously. As the statistics show, depending on the search phrase, some customers prefer to search the results of the actual search, and some of the ad slots. In the context of a given phrase, both groups are separable and go to two different groups of potential clients interested in the given password.

In the context of Google Ads, as in positioning, it is crucial to determine the phrases at which the advertisement should appear. In addition, because the costs of Google Ads depend on the number of clicks on a given ad, the content of the ad slot is important so that it attracts the attention of only the right group of users – potential customers.

We help evaluate the usefulness of Google Ads in the context of a specific project. We prepare and manage Google Ads promotions for our clients while conducting positioning activities. Our activities are particularly visible in website statistics.


No website will deliver the expected benefits if it does not have enough visits. Each service requires determining the right promotion strategy. Traditional marketing (tv, newspapers, outdoor advertising) has been reflected in the Internet in the form of advertising banners, videos placed on YouTube, boxes and sponsored links, and mailing. In the context of social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and many, many other thematic portals, word-of-mouth marketing, commands, have become the surest source of customer acquisition.

We deal with all internet advertising techniques. We help to prepare an effective strategy of action by analyzing all the pros and cons. We are effective.


How to reach a group of new customers?

Mailing is sending one message to a large group of recipients. Recipients are selected most often from the database of portals (eg, so as to narrow down the recipients to the target group of interest. The criteria for selecting recipients are different – starting from the location (province / city, size of the city), through sex, age, ending with the profession, position or interests.

We help in creating the content and graphic design of the sent message and we provide statistics of effectiveness

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