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Office application package

Sharing and sending large files, calendar, address book, secure internal messenger for your company and all this from the level of the browser and available from anywhere in the world.

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Sharing and Uploading Large Files

Sending large files by attaching them to an e-mail can cause problems sending them.
The solution is your own cloud for storing files that you can share in a quick and secure way. All you need to do is give your login and password and the client will get secure access to the collected data. The cloud also allows you to provide your clients with password protected files with a limited validity period, without logging in.


Manage your own schedule using a web calendar. The calendar allows you to enter important events, meetings and inform your colleagues about them.

Address book

Keeping the address book allows you to add and delete contact details and share them with other users.

Secure Internal Messenger

Access to the internal messenger is a safe way to communicate between employees in the company. It is a great alternative for eg Skype, which keeps correspondence and confidential data on its own server, which can lead to attacks and data theft.

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