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Web Application

We create advanced SPA applications working in the browser environment. We are experts in PHP and Java Script and SQL optimization. Our Webdevelopers have mastered the React.js environment so we can create even better applications. We also feel great in the Linux environment, able to adapt them to our own goals.

Depending on your needs, we build solutions dedicated from scratch or using an open-source application, which we only adapt to the customer’s needs. Over the years, we have developed a number of our own ergonomic UX and UI solutions. We have experience in integrating our solutions with other systems and APIs. We prepare solutions in accordance with the rules of programming art. Optimization is our passion.

Regardless of whether it is a special portal with unique properties, demanding online store, ordering system, CRM, we approach each issue individually.

For each project, we can specify the following phases:

Needs Analysis

At this stage, we try to understand the client’s needs and advise the most effective solution under the account, eg to acquire a potential client

Preparation of the Functional Model
Divided into key users and their roles

we analyze needs in terms of functionality and create a scheme of the system, identify key users, define available functionalities, design functional interfaces

Preparation of the User Interface Model and Graphic Design

we create a graphical representation of interfaces

Programming work

stage, the least interesting

Tests / corrections preparation
and testing

by our team and customer team, preparation of a discrepancy report, making corrections

Implementation / training / installation

introduction of initial parameters, preparation of operating instructions and possible user training

Care of the website

our team takes care of your service and suggests various solutions to ensure that the service is always optimal

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