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Technical assistance

Do you need help with difficult IT issues or simply do not have time for them?
Our specialists will help you solve problems so that your company can function without any problems.

Below we have prepared a list of the most frequently encountered problems, which solution you can order through our  customer service office or by writing directly on

The prices listed below apply to individuals or companies that did not purchase Technical Support Packages

Additional help from specialists

We provide assistance on the basis of intervention

Administrator150 zł / hour
Webdeveloper150 zł / hour
Graphic designer150 zł / hour
Analysis of the reported problem server www / mail server150 zł / hour

Operations on databases and files

Import / Export Base50 zł
File operations50 zł
Transferring data between servers200 zł
Antivirus scanning of files100 zł
Export of messages from an e-mail account150 zł

Generation of e-mail and system logs

FTP25 zł
Extended logs FTP100 zł
SMTP25 zł
Extended logs SMTP100 zł
IMAP25 zł
Extended logs IMAP100 zł
POP325 zł
Extended logs POP3100 zł
Administrative logs25 zł
Extended administrative logs100 zł
Logs SSH25 zł
Extended logs SSH100 zł
Logs WWW25 zł
Extended logs WWW100 zł

SSL installation and error analysis

SSL installation50 zł
Error analysis200 zł
Analiza wydajnościowa serwera200 zł
SSL transfer25 zł

Restoring data

FTP content150 zł/h
Database150 zł/h
E-mail messages150 zł/h


WordPress – domain change25 zł
WordPress – installation / configuration / other25 zł
WordPress – activation of the SSL certificate25 zł
WordPress – change of the admin password25 zł

All prices are net prices, to which the applicable VAT rate should be added (for recipients in Poland – 23% VAT).

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